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Case Study Grimsby Full Families The family came to Grimsby Full Families programme as a referral from an Early Help Families First practitioner Why was the family referred? The family were referred due to a multitude of complexities that left the family requiring additional support. LM is mum of four children, two of whom do not live in the family home. J is 18 and was not included in the referral, however, AR age 15, is classed as residing with Mum however currently is residing with auntie. JR and LR do reside with LM and her partner. AR was involved in ASB in the community which led to an unprovoked attack by peers in the street, this left AR unconscious and hospitalized, since this, she has not wished to return home. Therefore, resided with auntie elsewhere in North East Lincolnshire. This impacted on both LR and JR who witnessed the incident. This further impacted on JR’s behaviours as following the incident he kept remembering things and becoming upset. LR felt very negatively about the area she lived and notes arguing in the street occurs regularly which makes her angry and keeps her awake at night. LR was known to be involved in ASB and was exploring abandoned buildings with older peers, LR does not disclose causing damage to properties but it has been suggested this occurred. JR is currently going through Access Pathway and school are heavily supporting mum with this, unfortunately this is significantly impacting LM and the children as JR’s routine has been changed a lot. JR’s school timetable has been altered significantly whilst school manage his behaviours in school, this in turn has affected both mum and LR. Mum feels she has no respite from JR due to school’s reliance on her and her relationship with school is often fractious. LR feels embarrassed about the behaviours JR displays in school, feels guilt for her mum having to come into school regularly and refers to mum treating JR as a “special child” because he is different. LR feels JR gets a lot of mum’s attention due to his behaviours, LR often feels she is overlooked at home due to her older siblings not being there and mum focusing on JR a lot or being tired / low in mood from supporting school daily. LM has low mental health and currently receives CBT via Navigo, unfortunately some of these sessions have been affected by school requiring support from LM meaning she missed her CBT appointments. LM’s extended family reside in Scotland, auntie who resides in NEL is not considered a close family member for LM despite her caring for AR. LM feels her only support is her partner but he also struggles with his Mental health. LM and Partner both have low mental health, both would like to find employment, particularly LM who feels she needs an outlet; however, she feels this is unrealistic given schools’ reliance on her for JR. LM has had to turn down interviews which has impacted her confidence and self-esteem. After receiving the referral, we contacted the family and arranged for them to come in to the hub. We held an Initial meeting between staff and all the family where the full process of GFF was explained to them, following on from this a Family Network Meeting was held where three questions were asked: · What is great about your lives? · What worries you about your lives? · What would you like to change? The key things to emerge from these meetings were: Mum and partner were in a very hostile relationship, it was clear that the relationship wasn’t working and things needed to be resolved. Mum wanted to end the relationship but felt pressured by her partner to stay. Family relationships had broken down and appeared to be unresolved. Mum’s medication was not having the effect it should have. Mum was not coping with the demands from school to go in on a daily basis to help manage JR’s behaviours A further meeting was held, where the family scaled the things they wanted to change. They then identified the steps they needed to implement in order to make small, incremental improvements to their lives. Together we created an action plan. Descriptions on the different types of support taken with this family listed below.  Support at school meetings for LR & JR  Transition support from primary school to Secondary School for LR  Counselling sessions for LR  Helping family access services/local provision that is available- The GFF team made the necessary referrals to put the correct support in for the family.  Referral to SENART for EHCP for JR (This has now been completed and a Draft EHCP has been granted.  Referral to Access Pathway as school did not complete it as requested. Referral has been accepted and a panel meeting is due to be scheduled soon.  Regular meetings with GFF staff - initially weekly to monitor progress on their personal development (action) plan. These meetings have become less regular as mum’s confidence has increased and the family home as become calmer. The impact of the support for this specific GFF and the differences it has made:  LR has successfully transferred to Secondary school  LR attended the Children in Need programme which increased her confidence and met a new circle of friends.  AR has returned to live in the family home, family relationships have improved.  AR completed her GCSE’s and now has a placement at college to study Childcare.  LM has a better understanding of JR’s specific needs and is now able to manage his behaviours in a more effective manner. He has an EHCP in Draft and SENART are in consultation with his primary care setting to give them the support needed.  School relationships are less fractious and LM says that she feels she is now listened to by the school staff.  Mum’s relationship with J her eldest son has improved, he has moved into a house with his friends. He also regularly spends time in the family home and has a meal with the family on a weekly basis.  Mum is now on the correct medication and no longer requires the support from Navigo to manage her mental health needs.  LM and her partner decided to end their relationship by mutual agreement.

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