The Tribune Trust

Supporting safer communities in the Humber Region


Who we are?

High Sheriffs are the Sovereign's representative for all matters relating to the Judiciary and the maintenance of law and order in their county.

Our Patrons are the Lord Lieutenants of the county of the East Riding of Yorkshire and the county of Lincolnshire. Our Trustees are serving, former and future High Sheriffs of these counties together with leaders from local businesses and Humberside Police; Humberside Fire and Rescue Service and others involved with community safety.

The Trust’s steering group meets to consider grant applications in January, May, July and October each year. It is led by a Chair and coordinated by the Director, each of whom are elected annually.

Our Aims

Sport & Active
Drug & Alcohol
Crime &

1. Protecting Vulnerable Victims

Fear of crime can have a devastating impact on victims, particularly those who have suffered a serious crime, are vulnerable and intimidated or persistently targeted. The Trust wants to support projects that reduce the fear victims and communities experience.

2. Promoting Good Citizenship

The Trust supports schemes that challenge and assist young people to acquire new skills, build positive lifestyles and avoid turning to crime and disorder.

3. Promoting Sport & Active Recreation

Sport and active recreation help people lead healthy, safe and confident lifestyles. The Trust wants to encourage volunteers and coaches to increase participation in the Humber area.

4. Tackling Drug & Alcohol Misuse

Drug and Alcohol misuse is responsible for high levels of crime. The Trust wants to help local schemes that educate young people about the health and crime dangers of substances and help support those people who are addicted.

5. Reducing Crime & Disorder

Lower levels of crime make communities feel safer and more pleasant places to live and work. The Trust makes small grants to tackle crime and disorder when such projects are not supported by mainstream funding or require additional support.

Our Funding

The Trust receives generous donations from individuals, companies and other Trusts and charities. Events are also held each year to raise funds. All of this funding is then distributed in small grants to projects that support the aims above. Typically, the Trust distributes about £70,000 each year in grant funding. If you would like to make an application for a grant, please visit our grants page. If you would like to know how you or your company can support the work of the Trust, please visit our giving page.

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